Susurluk Ayran

Perhaps the most famous Ayran, even in its native land Turkey, is the Susurluk Ayran. Susurluk, is a small town near Marmara, on the way from Istanbul to Izmir province in South.

The ingredients are pretty much the same. However,  Susurluk restaurants utilize high speed pumps to circulate the Ayran though a faucet in order to create a foamy texture with a heavy creamy top along with low salt content than average Ayran. Town’s restaurants serve Ayran with Turkish style “cheese panini” made with Kasseri Cheese. Yes, there are restaurants, where people stop by on the way to Aegean Coast, to drink Ayran, served along with cheese panini called “tost”.

Ayran and “tost” (Turkish panini)

Susurluk Ayran machine

Susurluk Ayran and Kasseri cheese panini (Kasarli Tost)